Kiddies DIY : Straw Gliders!

Kiddies DIY : Straw Gliders!

They may not look like regular paper airplanes, but they are guaranteed to fly every time.

Assemble several in different colors and let the flying competitions begin.

You’ll need:

Paper straws, scissors/paper cutter, cardboard paper and clear tape.

Step 1 :

Start by cutting 12cm x 2.5cm strips of card stock. Each airplane will need three strips.

Step 2 :

Tape two of the strips together at the ends. You now have one 12cm strip and one strip that is approximately 24cm long

Step 3 :

Tape the ends of each strip together to create a circle. Repeat this step on the other strip.

Step 4 :

Once both circles are made, use a piece of tape to secure the end of the straw inside the large circle. Repeat the step with the small circle, securing it to the opposite end of the straw.